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The Centerville Church of Christ


Roger “from church”                                                                                                                        
Any questions, see Roger.

Centerville Church of Christ

937-433-7922 or 937-433-9587
Sunday Worship: 10am – 11:15am est. 
Sunday Devo and Bible Study 6pm, 
Wednesday Bible Study 
11am & 7pm

“O.W.L.S.” stands for the“Older, Wiser, Loving, Seniors” who are members and friends of our congregation, the Centerville Church of Christ, Centerville, Ohio

Check-out the church’s web-site by clicking on it on our “Blogroll” on the lower right side of this page. Our map and location are there also.  Any congregant or friend 0r Visitor who is 50-ish  years or older, is automatically considered an OWL!  Our “out-reach” recognizes also those “adults” who simply love to hang out with us and who would benefit us mutually in our fellowship.  If you think that the theme for this Blog is probably our movies, trips, outings, meals,  and other events, you would be partially mistaken; it’s mostly about relationships. Our’s are doing just fine, thank you very much; please consider joining us.

Centerville OWLS at Burger KIng 2015

Movie flash clip board ask any one of us about our“free”   OWLS Movie Classics at the Centerville Church of Christ’s Family Life Center

(see map) .   That’s “every Monday” EXCEPT on 3-Day Holiday week-ends! Join  the OWLS for Classic Movies at our church. The building will be opened to us at 12:30p.m. for the movie event which commences at 1p.m.

F.Y.I:  Also at our FLC every Wednesday at 11a.m., also at our Family Life Center, we offer an “Adult” Bible Study which some of our “Monday Classic Movie” fans have also attended. You are so welcome to drop-in for this friendly, biblical study and discussion of the Word of God. You will always be most welcome “here”, as well as at all of this congregations regularly scheduled services..

Like the vast majority of our activities, it’s NEVER about what the event, menu  or what movie is showing, but about who we go to be with. It’s easy to check-out what’s playing today or in advance; just click on our “OWLS Classic Movies” Page in the list of Pages on the right side of this page.

Not that many age levels wouldn’t enjoy to participate, but we operate in a sanctuary where we can all manage our various mobility issues without concern for being bumped, line-cut  or jostled by some-one else’s kids.  It is the exception,  not the rule,  when-ever an OWLS event is opened to the congregation!  We  solicit everyone’s   kind, respectful and courteous understanding.

This Blog is our communication for within and out-side of our small but active group of seniors. We’ll endeavor to share our activities and fellowship with each other and with the world thru this blog. This is also our heartfelt invitation to all “OWLS-lishly-inclined” Seniors come join with us in pursuits of  fellowship and devotion to GOD and to each other. 

Please automatically check-out new postings and pages to this Blog as we create them. Go to the top of this page’s far-right column to where you are invited to “FOLLOW this Blog by E-Mail”. Just Click on the word “manage” and you will instantly receive an e-mail giving you notice whenever we “POST”!  You are also urged  to regularly give us your “feed-back and comments”, should you desire to do so, by commenting at the bottom of any or every page of this blog that you visit.  Anyone having photos of any OWLS gatherings or events of the past are urged to forward them via e-mail to either of the currently serving   Co-Editors/Moderators of this Blog  are Roger from church &/or  Bill for the OWLS. shown here with the staff, ready to go to press!

The Elder-OWLS Decide

Other submissions from you are also desired and welcomed  subject to “moderation” by our erst-while Editors. Submissions  must be OWLS”  Appropriate!

On the “Right Side of this Page is our Contact Information, including a Map. Click on our Address to See the Map or to Get Directions!      So, Make Contact NOW!>>>>>>>> and, sign-up to FOLLOW this Blog!!  Please. If you enjoy, agree with or like a particular page or post, indicate same by clicking below on that particular page that you “Like This” and even post your particular “comment”. We’d love to hear from you. 

“Welcome Aboard”

Be Active in Christ,

  Give a Hoot!


“Prayer is the Currency of Faith; so, put your “PRAYERS” where your mouth is”

“Preach a Sermon Everyday; Speak if You Have To!”

Re: Revelations from GOD



Got it?

This Daily Prayer is From: Ed’s Bookmark

“Just for Today”

Lord for tomorrow and it’s needs I do not pray,

Keep me my God, from stain and sin,

Just for today.

Now set a seal on my lips, for this I pray,

Keep me from wrong or idle words,

Just for today.

Let me be slow to do my will, 

prompt me to obey

and keep me, guide me, use me Lord,

Just for today. In Jesus name, amen

Watch your thoughts; they become words.
Watch your words; they become actions.
Watch your actions; they become habits.
Watch your habits; they become character.
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

This Blog Was First Published on August 19, 2012

 Thanks for your continued interest, moral support and

for being among our  13,000+ visitors to-date.

Your Privacy Will Be Preserved and All Comments Received will be Considered Carefully By Our Wisest OWLS for the good of the “Parliment”! (which, is what a “Flock” of  OWLS   is  called!)




5 responses to “*Welcome to our Centerville O.W.L.S. Blog “Home-Page” – Please Visit Often & Bring Friends

  1. HEY Bill! I finally made it to the web site 🙂 Looks really good. You have done a wonderful Job with it. Keep it up!

    Kevin, the OWLS EMS Guy…LOL

    • Welcome aboard Don. Any suggestions from a “pro” are very much appreciated. Happy New Year. Hope “The Chop House” was great for you last night.

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